Somizi Accused Of Trying To Buy Mohale’s Love With Money

One of Mzansi’s most decorated gay media personalities of all time, Somizi Mhlongo, has been accused of forcing things regarding his marriage with hubby, Mohale Tebogo Mohale by a greater number of his Twitter followers. According to a man who goes by the name Marcus on social media, the TV star is in the habit of using money to get whatever he so desires, including love. The man went on to claim Somizi always labels his own followers as broke all the time yet his money has apparently failed to help him secure his marriage.

”Somizi calls tweeps broke all the time but can’t buy Mohale’s love with all that money”, he said.

Somizi Accused Of Trying To Buy Mohale's Love With Money
Somizi Accused Of Trying To Buy Mohale’s Love With Money : PIC: A screenshot taken from a now-deleted post in which Somizi has been accused of trying to buy love using money.

Late last year there were rumors that indicated that there was trouble in the paradise and the two were no longer seeing each other. The story that was first broken by Sunday World was later rubbished by Somizi after three days as he posted a picture of them together having a good time at an unknown seemingly spacious location. In the same vein, not everyone thinks the media personality is buying love, others strongly believe he is doing everything out of love without expecting anything in return.

” I honestly don’t think Somizi was trying to buy Mohales love, when you love someone you do things out of LOVE, without expecting anything in return. I’d just say a one-sided relationship is very dangerous and unhealthy.”,said a lady who goes by the name Mmanyadi on Twitter.


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