Inno Morolong dating a married man-Image Source(Instagram)Inno Morolong dating a married man-Image Source(Instagram)

Socialite Inno Morolong Arrested Over Club Brawl

Inno Morolong’s troubles seem to be mounting, at least according to Instagram influencer Xoli Pam Rwaxa. It appears that Inno Morolong has been arrested, as per Xoli’s claim.

This comes after a report stated that Morolong’s woes are piling up after a warrant for her arrest was issued by the Randburg Magistrates’ Court following her contravention of a protection order obtained by former Muvhango star Tebogo Thobejane.

However, it seems that Morolong’s arrest was not directly related to her breach of Tebogo Thobejane’s protection order.

No Bottle Breakdown! Inno Morolong Clears the Air on Champagne Fight with Slay Queen Olwethu

Instead, Xoli Pam Rwaxa reveals that Inno Morolong was arrested on Wednesday for an incident that occurred last month. Allegedly, Morolong assaulted a woman named Olwethu Magudumana at Maracana Club during the early hours of May 22 this year.

Inno Morolong dating a married man-Image Source(Instagram)
Inno Morolong dating a married man-Image Source(Instagram)

According to Olwethu, Morolong attacked her without any provocation. Olwethu explained that Morolong was involved in a brawl with other women and had requested people not to record the altercation.

Olwethu complied by keeping her phone turned off, but Morolong, disregarding her actions, grabbed a bottle and struck her on the head before quickly fleeing the scene.

Police Contacted Olwethu About the Arrest

When contacted by Maphephandaba seeking further information about Inno Morolong’s arrest, Xoli Pam Rwaxa explained that Olwethu preferred not to publicize the details of the arrest, even though she had received a text message from the police confirming it.

“Olwethy doesn’t want to talk much about it. I was carried away because she’s my lil sister, let me respect her. But she received the text after lunch,” she responded to Maphephandaba’s inquiries.

Inno Morolong Responds

Inno Morolong denied being arrested. She said, “How could I be arrested when I am always doing Instagram live videos on a daily basis?”

When questioned by Maphephandaba about the allegations, Morolong retorted, “I’m arrested? How when I’m always live every day? I’m minding my own business… we move.”

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