Mpho dumps Themba Broly-Image Source(Instagram)Mpho dumps Themba Broly-Image Source(Instagram)

Social Media Abuzz After Unconfirmed Reports Suggest Mpho Wabadimo Has Given Birth As Themba Broly Takes Tropical Break

Mpho recently shared a video on TikTok, spreading the word about her apartment being up for sale.

In the video, she mentioned that one of the reasons behind this decision is her pregnancy, which has made it challenging for her to navigate the stairs as effortlessly as before.

“And secondly, I’m single again! So this place has become a keeper of memories I want to leave behind… I’m moving to a new place, and I’m moving closer to the Eastrand because also, uhm, I went to the doctor the other day and they found out that I have a bit of a complication with my pregnancy and that has been a fluke. So I need to be as close to home so that if anything happens to me I have somebody to assist me…”

Mpho’s recent statement implying Themba’s absence has triggered an “I told you so” reaction among some social media users.

This response stems from the perception that during her previous happy moments with Themba, Mpho was considered arrogant, especially when they were planning to get married.

Themba Broly’s recent actions have further reinforced the allegations of him being a deadbeat father, as he continues to struggle to shake off these claims.

Themba Broly vacations in Mozambique, blue-ticking new born’s birth?

Although it remains unconfirmed, there are reports suggesting that Mpho Wabadimo has given birth.

These speculations arise from the observation that she has archived most of her previous posts on social media, and her recent Instagram stories do not feature her.

Meanwhile, Themba has shared on his social media that he is currently enjoying a vacation in Mozambique with his friends. His stories portray him having a great time, adding to the perception that he is fully engaged in leisure and enjoyment.

As such, tweeps have taken to social media to call out Themba for being a deadbeat for opting to miss out on being present for the birth of his youngest child to vacation with the boys.

Themba broly is a dog! He’s a horrible person. Mphowabadimo gave birth a few days ago and he’s in Mozambique with friends?? He hates her and their baby.
When Nale told her that Themba is not a nice person she laughed at her and turned her into a mockery. Please, Mpho deserves everything that’s happening to her. Themba has never been a nice person. Mpho is the problem


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