Soapie Extras To Storm SABC Offices After Getting R150 Pay

Soapie Extras To Storm SABC Offices After Getting R150 Pay
Soapie Extras To Storm SABC Offices After Getting R150 Pay

TV extras have committed to storm production companies in protest over low daily pay.

They are said to be getting between R150 to R200 rands a day from agencies and production houses, including SABC.

They are demanding higher rates that should be calculated hourly.

Soapie extras are professional actors and actresses that help to sell the idea that a scene is filled with real people just going about their daily business. They are always wondering on the background.

In South African soapville, they claim to be exploited. Above working for low wages, they allege that they are overworked and spend more than 12 hours a day at work with little time to rest.

When it comes to food on set, extras claim that they get fed with leftovers from the show casts and crew.

Actors are usually provided transport and wardrobe on set. But, that’s not the case with film extras in Mzansi.

After submitting their memorandum with the police last night, the organisers of the demonstration said they are ready to storm media houses and production companies.

Speaking on the developments, Praise Siziba, the organiser said they are yet to announce the date for the march but it will be on the coming week.

“We don’t have dates yet but we are planning on coming together this week,” he said.

Television extras who spoke to Daily Sun on the matter said they are not only demonstrating for higher salaries but for other provisions like protection from agencies.

“We want agencies to protect us like they do their actors. They must know if someone is booked for a certain slot, they don’t need to stay there for hours until then.

They must help us regarding the treatment we get on set,” said one of the organisers.

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