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Sni Mhlongo Returns To Social Media After Zamani Mbatha Cheating Scandal

YouTube sensation Snikiwe “Sni” Mhlongo has made a comeback on the social media platform, expressing her eagerness for the day when she will “wake up and feel nothing.” This follows allegations of infidelity involving her actor boyfriend Zamani Mbatha in early March. In a heartfelt video, Mhlongo opens up about her vulnerability and her encounter with infidelity.

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A Journey to Recovery

Sini Mhlongo
Sni Mhlongo-Image Source@Instagram

Mhlongo explains that she began to rebuild her life in April but experienced a relapse, uncertain of the factors that triggered it. Regarding the cheating incident, she feels there is nothing more to add and expresses gratitude to those who noticed her uncharacteristic behavior and reached out in response to her posts about the incident.

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Time Away from YouTube

The reason behind Mhlongo’s absence from YouTube was her emotional state; she was “not okay” and needed to take a step back. She acknowledges the progress she has made in her healing journey, admitting that there were times when she believed things would never improve. Throughout this challenging period, her mother (Brenda Mhlongo), sisters, therapist, and friends provided invaluable support.

Compromised Safety

Zamani Mbatha Cheating
Zamani Mbatha [image credit:ZA Celebs]
Mhlongo discloses that her safety has been compromised, particularly after a video of her meeting her ex-boyfriend outside her apartment went viral. She expresses relief at being back in action and taking each day as it comes. However, she highlights the negative consequence of her ordeal, as people were posting outside her home and attempting to determine her location.

Although she tried to file a case, Mhlongo was unable to trace the individuals responsible for posting the videos and pictures.


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