Slikour and wife divorceSlikour and wife going through divorce-Image Source@X

In light of recent allegations regarding infidelity and separation, Siyabonga “Slikour” Metane, the renowned musician, and his partner Melissa Wilkinson have come forward seeking privacy.

Reports surfaced over the weekend, particularly from Sunday World, suggesting that the couple, married for a period exceeding three years, was on the brink of a divorce.

However, in a joint statement, the couple clarified that their union has surpassed the five-year mark. They acknowledged the inherent challenges within any marriage and expressed their desire to confront and resolve these issues privately.

Commitment to Privacy

Metane and Wilkinson emphasized their commitment to fostering a harmonious and nurturing environment for their family, particularly their children.

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They urge their loved ones, friends, and associates to recognize the recent speculations regarding their marriage with sensitivity, emphasizing their right to privacy.

Slikour and wife request privacy amid divorce rumours
Slikour and wife request privacy amid divorce allegations-Image Source@X

Allegations and Challenges

Reports from sources allege that Wilkinson decided to leave the marriage due to perceived emotional abuse from Slikour, who has a history with the group Skwatta Kamp.

Furthermore, it is claimed that Wilkinson cited instances of extramarital affairs and financial and psychological mistreatment.

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The source indicates that Wilkinson attempted to salvage the relationship by advocating for shared decision-making, yet felt disregarded when Slikour continued to make unilateral choices.

This perceived dismissal led to her ultimate decision to end the marriage.


Amid swirling rumours and accusations, Slikour and Melissa Wilkinson have called for respect and understanding regarding their personal matters.

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While the details of their relationship challenges remain private, the couple emphasizes their dedication to addressing them within the confines of their family unit.

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