Slik Talk Slams Musa Khawula For Dragging AKA's Daughter Kairo Forbes 

Slik Talk Slams Musa Khawula For Dragging AKA’s Daughter Kairo Forbes 

YouTuber Slik Talk has slammed blogger Musa Khawula following his latest “disrespectful” comments about AKA’s daughter Kairo.

The celebrity gossip monger recently did a video in which he spoke about the late AKA’s posthumous album, Mass Country. He then made a snide remark about the slain rapper’s daughter.

“I’m hoping all the proceeds are going to go to… what’s the f***ing child? The DJ Zinhle child, right? Kairo. So the proceeds are going to Kairo, I hope.”

Slik Talk also added his voice as other social media users had already reacted after they had found the video uncouth and decided to rebuke Musa Khawula bluntly.

“So I just saw this video of Musa Khawula calling Kairo, AKA’s only child, “this f***ing child.” I’m going to be honest with you. I think that was a pathetic attempt of trying to go viral. Musa Khawula, you can do better than that. I know you are in this situation where you need to do something that’s shocking to people every time you upload a video.
“I’ve been there where you feel like you need to overdo what you did in the previous video. “I need to go harder. I need to prove to them that I’m hard, I’m edgy. No. You don’t have to do that. If you built a solid foundation with your following, you don’t have to go harder.”

Slik Talk also warned Musa Khawula that following his latest remarks on a minor, he risks having his channel removed from the platform.

YouTube is not your mother’s house. The best way to get your channel removed is to play with the kids. Never touch the kids on YouTube because that’s the best way to get your channel removed. When they feel like you’re bullying a kid, they will get you out of here quick, fast and in a hurry Musa Khawula.”

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