Slik Talk Mass CountryAKA Mass Country album (Image Credit: Twiiter @akaworldwide)

“Slik Talk Delivers Devastating Critique Of AKA’s ‘Mass Country’

Slik Talk has caused a stir in the South African hip-hop scene with the release of his Youtube video that delivers a devastating critique of AKA’s album Mass Country.

Slik Talk Mass Country
Slik Talk slams AKA’s Mass Country album [Image: Screenshot/Youtube/Slik Talk]
Slik Talk said that the album “Mass Country” is trash, despite it having 6 million streams on the first day it came out. Slik rated the album two out of ten.

AKA’s family released Mass Country after the rapper was shot and killed outside Wish Restaurant in Durban early this month.

Slik Talk, who has over 66,000 followers on his Youtube account, gave a critique of AKA’s album, saying:

“I just listened to AKA’s album called Mass Country and I’m going to give it a solid 2/10. I absolutely hate this album. I hate everything about this album. It’s absolutely one of the worse albums I’ve ever heard in my whole life. Sonically, it doesn’t even sound good. The mixing is terrible. I do not like this album one bit. It has no hits,” says Slik in the video.

Slik said he only likes two songs on AKA’s album, called “Company” and “Crowd”.

His opinion, however caused a lot of debate among hip-hop fans in South Africa. Some people suggested that the album is one of the best projects from the rapper. Others agreed with what Slik said.

Below are reactions from netizens following Slik Talk’s video:


“Didn’t listen to the video, I’m commenting based on the comments. Music evolves & artists mature, Sliq Kak was talking nonsense about Black Coffee as well. Coffee went from national to global, you can’t make the same music, ur audience is different.”


“But if we are being honest this one’s opinion doesn’t matter anymore since I got into the ring with Cass…I don’t think people still take him seriously.”


It’s hard to judge an posthumous album because we don’t know how the artist would’ve currated the work if he was still around.

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