Inno Morolong and Serge The blesserInno Morolong and Serge the blesser-Image Source@imzansi

Inno Morolong, known for her controversial antics, has publicly apologized to Serge The Blesser for previous online brawls. She has built a reputation as a drama queen in the social media realm. Her clashes with fellow slay queens such as Olwethu Magudumana and Tebogo Tobejane are no secret.Even a heated online exchange with Makhadzi marked her journey.

Encounter with Serge The Blesser

August witnessed Morolong launching verbal attacks on Serge The Blesser, accusing him of questionable practices
involving compensating women for intimate encounters.

Meet Serge The Blesser: A Brief Profile

Serge The Blesser, originally Serge Cabonge, is a prominent South African entrepreneur born in Angola. His
fame stems from extravagant spending and a lavish lifestyle, including relationships with multiple women
and opulent trips to Dubai. On MacG’s Podcast And Chill, he disclosed shocking details about the extremes
some individuals go for financial gains.

Serge the blesser
Serge the blesser-Image Source@imzansi

Serge’s Evolution: From Extravagance to Philanthropy

Despite his past, Serge expressed remorse and a desire to redirect his focus towards supporting students with
educational fees and finding genuine connections. Known as “The International Blesser” or “The King of
Blessers,” Serge is well-connected in celebrity circles, counting Amber Rose and Phat Joe among his

Inno Morolong’s Public Apology

The controversial figure took to her Instagram Stories to issue a lengthy apology to Serge The Blesser and
his family. In her statement, Morolong admitted:

“I posted some things about Serge on my IG story, claiming that he made derogatory remarks about Sibahle,
Babalwa, and Julia and that he financially compensated women for intimate relations. I want to clarify
that all those statements about Serge were false, and I was coerced into making them.

I sincerely apologize to Serge because I am aware that my actions tarnished his reputation and caused
distress with people in his life. There are times when I act impulsively, especially under the
influence of alcohol and pressure. I extend my heartfelt apologies to Serge, hoping he can find it in
his heart to forgive me.”

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