South African actress Pebetsi Matlaila’s, renowned for her role as Mokgadi on Skeem Saam, recently shared her tumultuous journey through a challenging divorce, shedding light on the profound impact it had on her mental health.

Marriage and Divorce

Matlaila, who entered matrimony in 2020, faced unexpected hurdles leading to a divorce after a mere nine months. Despite having a child together, the relationship succumbed to various challenges, prompting Matlaila to speak exclusively to Daily Sun about the intricate details of her marriage and subsequent divorce.

Valuable Lessons and Advice

Matlaila offered poignant advice, cautioning against rushing into marriage and emphasizing the need to recognize and address relationship red flags. Advocating for couples counselling, she stressed its role in uncovering and dealing with childhood traumas that often resurface in marriages.

“You need to pay attention to the red flags. If you don’t, the next time they pop up, they will be amplified. We always see red flags, but we ignore them. People should also try couples counselling. There, you learn about your partner’s childhood traumas. Those show up in a marriage because you know someone on a different level. Please go to couples counselling and put it on your list. Don’t rush into marriage,” she said.

Pebetsi Matlaila’s Life After Divorce

Matlaila encountered formidable challenges post-divorce, including financial struggles and a significant lifestyle adjustment. Candidly sharing her ordeal, she revealed moments of despair, suicidal thoughts, and the overwhelming impact on her mental well-being.

Overcoming Struggles

Despite the hardships, Matlaila managed to overcome her struggles, triumphing over depression and discontinuing anti-depressant medication. Her compelling journey will soon be detailed in her upcoming book, “A Decade In My Lifetime,” set to launch this Friday.Mokgadi

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