Lehasa was about to pass out as the judge started to deliberate and hand down the judgment. The court had to wait an hour for Judge Mavimbela to enter the courtroom, which sent everyone into overdrive.

The delay caused so much tension that when the judge finally started to speak, Lehasa suffered a panic attack causing more delay.

Everyone who saw Lehasa go down was disappointed with the chore.

The judge said that the case was a tough one to deliberate.
Lehasa got off on reasonable doubt.

The video was not enough evidence to put him in Fanie’s ward on the day of his murder. Lehasa wasn’t visible.

The second factor is that Fanie had multiple enemies, and some of them even claimed to have done the deed.

Craig came to the stand and told the judge that his gang was responsible for Fanie’s death.

Petersen didn’t make a good witness in the case because he wasn’t objective and ultimately cracked on the stand.

All this and Leeto Maputla turned into a bulldog in the courtroom and represented Lehasa like a pro.

Leeto’s closing argument was evident and precise. The person on the video at the hospital wasn’t visible, so that it could have been anyone.

Everyone was shocked to hear the outcome because Judge Mavimbela is Lehasa’s number one enemy after the Nothile situation.

Nothile is Judge Mavimbela’s daughter, and he disapproves of the relationship between his daughter and Lehasa.

It looks like Nothile will reach out to Lehasa and profess her undying love for him.

Khwezi will blow a gasket and start a commotion in the penthouse. After Pretty, Khwezi fears Nothile Mavimbela, and this is going to be an exciting time because Lehasa decides to return Nothile’s advances.

So what of PreHasa?

We know that Khwezi will finally leave the love triangle sometime this month, but not before going at it with Pretty one more time. These two cannot live in the same house, and Lehasa knows this.

Khwezi will leave, and Pretty will stay behind, but for how long if Lehasa is getting private phone calls from Nothile? Lehasa was planning to marry her, and he rejected Pretty and their baby for her.

Let’s wait and see how this plays out.

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