Skeem Saam Exposed For Abusing Extras On The Show

Skeem Saam Exposed For Abusing Extras On The Show
Skeem Saam Exposed For Abusing Extras On The Show

SABC 1’s most loved show, Skeem Saam is currently battling with behind the scenes issues raised by its extras.

And according to sources close to the development; the scenes behind the Tv are not as good as what they project daily on the screens.

Extras – a bunch of professional actors and actresses wandering up and down on TV background and helping to sell the idea that a scene is filled with real people just going about their daily business – have come out accusing the soapie management.

Their description of what happens behind the scenes paints a grim picture about Mzansi’s most loved show.

They claim to be treated less than humans.

Speaking to Daily Sun, a number of them claim that they are facing abuses, from being given small quantities of food, dirty food and very short breaks to working longer than 12 hours a day.

All those who spoke to the tabloid on condition of anonymity sing only one song – being undervalued and taken for granted by the show management.

As professional actors they also wish to be treated like the main soapie actors.

This is not the first time Mzansi soapie extras have cried out loud over mistreatment in production houses.

Last month, a number of TV extras threatened to storm SABC offices in protest over low daily wages. They said they were getting between R150 to R200 a day from agencies and production houses, including SABC.

This time around, the same Extras have singled out Skeem Saaam as the main culprit.

They claim that the treatment they are getting from Scandal! and Rhythm City is very diffent.

All these shows use same extras from the same agency and are all housed as Sasani Studios in Johannesburg.

Reacting to the news, the show’s publicity manager, Sumaya Mugola denied all the claims laid against the soapie saying that they have never received a formal complaint from the extras or their agency over their treatment.

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