Skeem Saam Actor Nicholas Nkuna Denies Claims He’s Nigerian

Skeem Saam and 7de Laan actor, Nicholas Nkuna states – “I am not Nigerian.”

32-year-old actor, Nicholas Nkuna who plays the role of Sakhile on Skeem Saam and Dr. Fikani on SABC 2’s Afrikaans soapie, has apparently been rumored to be a Nigerian. The actor has stated that even though he’s not ashamed of being mistaken for a Nigerian, he thought he should come out and state his real nationality. 

 “I am African and I come from great ancestors, women, and men of every shape and color. I honestly laugh off talks that I am Nigerian. People need to be educated about who they are so they don’t get arrogant, which led to xenophobia. I think they must recheck their history as we can’t afford to be ignorant. We have seen lives being lost to xenophobia attacks. Again, we  can’t afford to be ignorant. We can’t have our brothers and sisters being treated as less human because they look different to us. This is why being mistaken for a Nigerian doesn’t offend me.”

It is unknown if the actor is leaving 7de Laan as there were rumors that he is the actor is apparently returning to Skeem Saam to suppress his role of Sakhile, a professor at the university.

The actor and musician who is also known by his stage name; Nicksoul also promised his fans an African inspired album: 

“I’m releasing my second album this year and thrilled about it. The album will cross over between African and international sounds.”

The Mpumalanga musician slash actor also mentioned that he loved telling African stories is what fans can look forward to with his second album.

The actor has also had racial slurs from 7de Laan fans on social media because he’s dating a Caucasian actress, Dr. Alexa Welman on the soapie.

The soapie was recently in the headlines as it was recently announced that the SABC will be cutting episodes of 7de Laan to 3 days a week instead of five due to poor ratings. Fans of 7de Laan who were upset by the news, took to social media to get signatures on a petition to air the soapie to 5 days instead of 3 days. 

Watch Nicholas Nkuna on 7de Laan as Dr. Fikani and on Skeem Saam as Sakhile! Skeem Saam airs Monday to Friday at 18:30 ON SABC 1, whilst 7de Laan airs Monday to Friday at 18:00 on SABC 2.


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