SK Khoza set to leave The Black Door-Image Source(Instagram)SK Khoza set to leave The Black Door-Image Source(Instagram)

SK Khoza ‘Sabelo’ From The Black Door Set To Exit The Show

Fans of the TV show The Black Door on are upset because Sthembiso “SK” Khoza, who played Sabelo Cele, is leaving the show. SK Khoza started playing Sabelo Cele in August 2022 as a male stripper in The Black Door.

He became popular with viewers because of his bad-boy behavior and intimate scenes. The channel confirmed his departure in a statement. Sabelo will have a conflict with Khaya and Mam Rebs, and they will eventually kill him.

Before he dies, Sabelo tells the Mabuzas that he was avenging his father. In a video shared on Twitter, Sabelo and Khaya fight in a backyard gym.

South African entertainment news reporter Kgopolo Phil Mphela said that the actor will leave the show on Thursday, March 2, at 9:30 PM on

Fans are devasted that SK Khoza is leaving The Black Door

SK Khoza set to leave The Black Door-Image Source(Instagram)
SK Khoza set to leave The Black Door-Image Source(Instagram)

The actor bagged the role of Sabelo in The Black Door after he was fired from The Queen because of his personal life scandals. In 2022 SK Khoza was accused by his fiancee of Domestic Violence and this tainted his image.

A few weeks after that, a bedroom video of the actor was leaked on the internet and many brands stopped working with him. That was when the adult series, The Black Door hired him to play the role of Sabelo a male stripper.

Upon hearing the news that his character will be written off, fans of the actor are devasted. Those who watch the show love his character in The Black Door and claim that he was a perfect fit for the cast.

Some of the comments on Twitter from fans are written below:


“I’m going to miss him so much❣️😢


“Ouch, but he mesmerised his character 😕 😳 will be very much missed 😢.”


“I guess his mission is accomplished.”

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