Xolani MaphangaXolani Maphanga arrested for attempted murder-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

Xolani Maphanga, the recently appointed presenter of Moja Love’s Sizok’thola, voluntarily surrendered to authorities on Tuesday following allegations of attempted murder charges. However, Maphanga vehemently denies the accusations, asserting his innocence and claiming mistaken identity. The South African Police Services (SAPS) escalated the charge from assault to attempted murder against Maphanga and his security detail.

A Case of Misidentification

Currently detained at the Soshanguve Police Station, Maphanga awaits his court appearance for a bail hearing. Moja Love TV Channels confirmed his custody status, affirming Maphanga’s insistence on innocence. The channel released a statement clarifying that Maphanga’s involvement in an alleged assault was a case of mistaken identity, emphasizing his cooperation with authorities by voluntarily surrendering himself and a member of his security detail.

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Pressure from High Quarters

Xolani Maphanga
Xolani Maphanga arrested for attempted murder-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica

The circumstances leading to Maphanga’s arrest reveal a complex narrative. Police from Tshwane initially intended to charge Maphanga and his bodyguards with assault GBH. However, upon surrender, the charges escalated to attempted murder and trespassing. Moja Love’s statement indicated potential political interference, citing pressure from a prominent figure in response to allegations brought forward by a female drug lord and her associates. The channel expressed concerns over such interference and pledged to report corrupt practices within law enforcement to the Independent Police Investigate Directorate (IPID).

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Channel’s Stance Against Violence

Moja Love reiterated its commitment to justice and accountability. While acknowledging Maphanga’s account of events, the channel emphasized adherence to legal processes. Maintaining a stance against unlawful behavior, Moja Love affirmed its dedication to combating drug-related issues in South Africa. Sizok’thola, as a flagship program, serves to expose and combat drug proliferation in communities, urging public cooperation with law enforcement.

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