Siya Kolisi’s Wife Rachel Kolisi Tests Positive For Covid

Siya Kolisi’s wife; Rachel Kolisi tested positive for Covid-19 this week!

Rachel revealed the news on her Instagram account:

“I never had a fever, no sore throat, no coughing. I actually spent the day in the pool and assumed I had a sinus infection. I realized I couldn’t smell anything so went straight into isolation until I received my positive result. 

It’s been so rough and scary at times especially when you have small kids who don’t understand why they can’t touch you. My heart breaks for those in hospital having to fight this alone, not knowing if they’ll see their loved ones again. 

Equally, my heart breaks for the healthcare workers working tirelessly and understaffed while others are not taking the safety precautions seriously at all. 

COVID is not like flu. It’s so much worse and if my posting can encourage someone to take one extra step of precaution that will be great, also if you know of people not taking Covid seriously please have a conversation with them about it. People are dying. 

It’s clear our numbers in SA are out of control – we’re just short of 1 million cases. Yet some people are more relaxed about it than ever?”

Her husband Siya Kolisi who is the captain of the South African Rugby team, took to his Instagram account to create awareness about the virus and to support his wife.

Siya stated: “Date nights have changed a bit. It’s been a roller-coaster experience; I tested negative which I am incredibly grateful for! Seeing how hard it’s been for Rachel @rachelkolisi has not been easy, especially if I cannot physically be with her. 

And it has definitely taken a toll on the kids not having their mom with us. I’ve picked up all the household responsibilities and for the first time realize what it’s been like when I go on tours. It’s not easy. 

I know of so many people who are suffering watching loved ones affected by Covid or they have physically been affected and want to remind us all that it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to stop the spread. Thank you to all Medical workers who are going above and beyond to care for our loved ones when we can’t. 

Let’s continue to remember the seriousness of this virus and do everything we can to protect those around us.”


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