Siv Ngesi Gets A Thumbs Up From Beyonce

Siv Ngesi is getting dragged for securing ‘drag’ bag…Yikes!

Actor turned drag queen, Siv Ngesi has come under fire after he announced sponsorship deals for his drag alter ego. The media personality who apparently also has a podcast in the pipelines took to social media to announce big brands including Adidas and Ivy Park have collaborated with his drag character “Sivanna”, a mere two months after her’ inception.

@iamSivN Sivanna is a month a 2 days old and she’s already shooting with @adidasZ @WeAreIvyPark, #icypark, #adidasxivypark

The LGBTQI+ wasted no time and came with guns blazing explaining that it was unfair that a straight man gets to make all the money there is to make from their identity whereas queer people devoted to drag culture remain side-lined and discriminated from such lucrative deals.

@ThangoSays How many actual SA drag queens got the opportunity that Siv implied he got with Ivy Park. How many queer South Africans are in that space? I said what is said cos this is becoming some bull now.

@KaraboJavas Sivanna is an imposter. An invasive plant, draining the water supply from the native plants.

@moesuttIe Guys, a friend of mine who is a former Miss Drag SA, has to negotiate with bookers and event planners for a rate. They want her to perform but they never want to pay her worth. But comes Siv Ngesi and he’s already booking the biggest gigs in just 2 months. I’m fucking angry bra

Whilst Siv is being accused of taking bread out of other people’s mouths, his well is nowhere near running dry. Today online streaming service Showmax announced the much-anticipated series Dam Series which sees Siv as one of the leading actors. Just last week Showmax announced another series titled Tali’s Baby Diary, featuring Ngesi.


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