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Recently, multi-award-winning songstress Zahara’s family are supected of having played a sinister role by poisoning the musician with muthi.

A source close to Zahara disclosed that a family member strongly believes that someone, driven by jealousy, secretly introduced muthi into the singer’s drink.

Lobola Joy Turns to Tragedy: Zahara’s Health Decline

The source narrated the timeline of events, revealing that Zahara’s fiance Xaba initiated lobola negotiations with the Mkutukana household. After the successful settlement of lobola, Zahara was abruptly admitted to a private hospital in northern Jozi. Initially placed in a regular medical ward, her condition deteriorated, leading to her transfer to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Interestingly, Zahara was in apparent good health and high spirits during her 36th birthday celebration on November 9, with no visible signs of illness.

Zahara and fiancee
Zahara and her man-Image Source@X

The source suspects foul play, proposing that jealousy might have driven someone to cast a spell on Zahara, thwarting her path to marital bliss as Mrs. Xaba.

“The lobola negotiations went well during the visit by the Xaba delegation. The family representing the Mkutukanas was happy that Zahara would finally get married to someone she loves dearly. But someone interfered with the whole process by bewitching her,” the source stated.

Love’s Dark Turn: Zahara Allegedly Poisoned

Adding to the speculation is the belief that an individual became upset upon learning of the Xaba family’s intention to return and settle the remaining lobola amount. The source expressed suspicions of poisoning or the addition of muthi to Zahara’s drink by a disgruntled relative who didn’t want her to marry Xaba.

“A relative must have gotten pissed off when they heard that the Xaba family were coming back to pay the outstanding amount of lobola. We suspect that Zahara was either poisoned or muthi was put into her drink,” the concerned source revealed.

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