Simphiwe Dana’s Steamy Baecation

A naked and irresistible Simphiwe Dana shocks Twitter!


One week she is complaining about how the pandemic has left her poor and the next she is jet-setting to a steamy baecation at a fancy holiday resort. Which one is it Simps? Pick a struggle, Sis! She was dragged to the moon and back with tweeps calling her out, alleging her claims were far from her personal reality. 

Tweeps may have hit the nail on the head this time. With the caption “Get you someone who will take you away when life gets too much”, the popular singer has this morning taken to Twitter, to flaunt images of scenic lush and mountainous surroundings which appear to be a holiday getaway of sorts. 


@simphiwedana Anyway. Get you a person who takes you away when life gets too much

The singer seems to be living the soft life, having the time of her life in her birthday suit, much to the pleasure of the wildlife at her location according to the Ndiready hitmaker. In a separate tweet, the singer oddly claims a monkey she referred to as “dude” played with himself, unable to resist her bare form.

@simphiwedana Dude even masturbated when he saw me. Because I’m naked

This took tweeps by surprise with some claiming it never happened, whereas some played along to the nastiness.

On today’s episode of…things that never happened, claimed tweep @AlexSithole using a meme.

Nasty tweeps and those who do not believe her invoked the anti-GBV activist in her. Things escalated fast and the next tweet might be fit for an episode of Believe It Or Not.

@simphiwedana The fact that some don’t believe me about a baboon. What of rape? Scary

Simphiwe might be on a baecation but definitely took the too much-ness of life along with her, rest sis, rest!


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