Simphiwe Dana Gets Trolled For Telling Tweeps To Get A Job

Singer-songwriter Simphiwe Dana got on the wrong side of tweeps recently when she told a tweep on social media to get a job in an argument. 

This was due to the discussion on GBV which was raised on social media, where fans and Mzansi celebrities such as Dana and poet, Lebo Mashile weighed in with their opinions.

Lebo clapped back when she was labeled a “rape apologist” when Dana jumped on board to defend Lebo against trolls, she clapped back.

Dana told the troll to get a job before commenting on the issue.

Dana wrote:

” She has stationed herself as some kind of messiah. Perhaps if she got a job she would stop being so messy.” 

Twitter came for the star, slamming her for using “get a job” as a clap back online. Especially with the current unemployment crisis that SA is experiencing, said some users.

Here are some of the reactions from Dana’s clap back:

“Nah this ain’t it.”  

“This was low even for you, Simphiwe.”  

“With South Africa’s unemployment rate????” 

“This is how okes derail real chats.” 

“I don’t think she chose to be unemployed but since you care so much, why don’t you give her a job?” 

“Yeah no you can’t use unemployment as a clap back. No ways.” 

“Simphiwe read the room, this clapback really ain’t it.” 

“Mocking someone for being unemployed in this country, in this current climate? Tone deaf.” 

Dana who just came out as gay last year has often been vocal about her opinions and has never afraid to speak up in a heated debate, unlike most celebrities.

She shocked the nation when she tweeted:

“I’ve been holding this in since forever I am gay,”  last year.

She recently went on social media once more and announced that she’s engaged to her Opera singer girlfriend whom she’s been secretly involved with for some time.

She has also informed tweeps that artists need to be vocal especially when it comes to the mistreatment of artists by their bosses,

Simphiwe reminded her followers that it’s every man for themselves in the entertainment industry and nobody is coming to save you.

Dana tweeted:

“I have had many good people rooting for me in the music industry. Some of them bosses. I’ve been highly protected in so many ways. But I’ll tell you that the industry owners are always researching ways to f*** you. Even your lawyers are sometimes bought or just plain not caring.”

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