Thuli Phongolo-Image Source(Instagram)Thuli Phongolo-Image Source(Instagram)
South African actress and DJ, Thuli Phongolo, is facing heavy criticism on social media after undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

A video of Thuli Phongolo dancing at a recent gig has gone viral, igniting a wave of reactions from netizens.

The 2 Faced Collaboration

Thuli Phongolo and DJ Slenda Da recently joined forces to create a girl group named 2 Faced. It was during this period that rumors started circulating about Thuli Phongolo’s BBL.

However, the reception on social media has been far from positive. Critics argue that Thuli Phongolo’s decision to alter her natural body with a BBL was unnecessary.

This follows after the two DJs attempted to dance at their first gig together. While Slenda the dancing DJ serenaded you the crowd with her smooth moves, Thuli Phongolo became a laughingstock for not being good at dancing.

Netizens’ Reactions

Following the viral video of Thuli Phongolo dancing alongside DJ Slenda Da, social media users took to mocking not only her dance moves but also her BBL.

Many questioned her choice to get a BBL, particularly when she was already perceived to have a perfect body. Some even went as far as suggesting that her BBL appeared as if it were made of cement, resulting in stiff movements.

Aside from critiquing her BBL, comments also targeted Thuli Phongolo and Slenda Da’s outfits and dance routines.

Reactions from the Community

    • @KholoBlue: “Thuli really ruined that beautiful body of hers, wtf is this????”
    • @sewelankoana: “Thuli dances like her BBL is still painful”
    • @lindankonzo8: “I think they put cement on these BBL … that bum doesn’t even shake 😭�

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