“She Is Not A Widow But A Glorified Rebound”: Slik Talk Sparks Outrage Aith Comments On AKA And Nadia Nakai's Relationship

“She Is Not A Widow But A Glorified Rebound”: Slik Talk Sparks Outrage With Comments On AKA And Nadia Nakai’s Relationship

YouTuber Slik Talk has once again caused a stir on social media after criticizing the relationship between Nadia Nakai and the late rapper AKA.

During a recent episode on YouTube, Slik Talk launched an attack on the couple’s relationship while discussing the late rapper’s posthumous album.

Slik Talk said Nadia Nakai was nothing more than a rebound for AKA, and therefore shouldn’t be referred to as his widow.

In the video, the outspoken YouTuber went on to argue that individuals should stop treating her as such since she was never legally married to AKA.

“…by the way I don’t know why people acting like Nadia Nakai is a widow, she is a glorified rebound, she was not married to this man or have kids with this man,” Slik Talk said.

Slik Talk also expressed his opinion on the potential reason behind AKA’s death. The controversial YouTuber suggested that AKA’s disregard for Anele Tembe’s family, by publicly flaunting his new relationship with Nadia Nakai, could have been the cause of his demise.

He further stated that it was unlikely that the Tembe family would have overlooked AKA’s actions and disregard for Anele’s honor, leading to fatal consequences.

He also accused AKA of not mourning his late fiancee and for moving on too fast into another relationship following her death.

Slik Talk AKA Nadia Nakai
Slik Talk sparks controversy (Image Credit: News24/Briefly)

Slik Talk claimed that AKA and Nadia Nakai’s  relationship was a complete mess.

“The way Nadia Nakia and AKA dated was a complete mess. AKA dated Nadia three months after his wife passed away. Three months after he paid lobola for this girl he went on to date Nadia Nakai. Posting her all on Instagram, all over Twitter all over social media. Don’t you think that’s disrespectful to the Tembe family? You think that family took that sh*t laying down?”
“You think they would let you slide and let you disrespect their daughter’s honour like that?Life does not work like that homey, that is disrespectful, in the black culture we don’t operate like that. You didn’t mourn your wife.”

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