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“She Is In A Very Dark Place Right Now”|  Manaka Ranaka Gives An Update On Dineo Ranaka 

In light of Dineo Ranaka’s distressing social media posts expressing thoughts of suicide, Manaka Ranaka shares an update on her sister’s situation.

The South African community woke up to the alarming messages, where Dineo hinted at the possibility of taking her own life, alongside poignant sentiments of sadness for her children, whom she may be considering leaving behind.

Dineo’s posts quickly gained traction on social media, sparking widespread concern among users who urged her family and friends to promptly check up on her well-being.

The trending discussions highlighted the urgency of the situation and the collective desire to provide immediate support to Dineo.

“Family is with her right now and we are trying to get her all the help she will need moving forward. She is in a very dark place right now and we are trying to get her to see the light again. Thank you guys…”

Manaka further showed her sister love on Instagram by dedicating a post to her.

Eish ngwana ko gae Dineo. I will always be here for you. On Sunday when I was missing Iko as I’ve never before, you are the only person that reached out.

Today was the toughest day at work although we spoke for about an hour about what you’re going through.

I love you

I appreciate you

I’m here for you
I will go to the ends of the world for you
I pray for you
I phahla for you
I believe in you
I hear you
I see you

Dineo Ranaka Opens Up On Battle With Anxiety

Recently Dineo has turned to social media to express her struggles with the demanding nature of being in the spotlight.

Dineo Ranaka, known for her work as a radio personality, recently took to Instagram to open up about the immense pressure she faces, revealing that she is actively striving to overcome thoughts of suicide. She wrote:

“My mind is so loud of this late, life is hard and I am trying my best but my best seems to be not enough,” she wrote in an Instagram post


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