Enhle Mbali Caught In Love Triangle With AKA And Black Coffee

“She Is For The Streets”: Enhle Mbali Caught In Love Triangle With AKA And Black Coffee

Social media is abuzz after a rumor resurfaced claiming that actress Enhle Mbali was once involved in a love triangle with Black Coffee and AKA.

According to The South African, Twitter user, @wondermahlobo surprised users with the unverified bombshell that AKA and Enhle Mbali had a romantic relationship.

A few years ago, AKA and Black Coffee had a sour relationship that was shrouded in mystery as no one knew the exact cause of their feud.

According to reports from 2016, at the DStv iRock Limpopo Music Festival, Black Coffee physically assaulted AKA’s road manager Tshiamo Letshwene.

The incident occurred after AKA arrived two hours late for his scheduled performance, causing his team to conduct sound checks during Black Coffee’s set.

This angered the Grammy-winning producer, leading to the altercation.

Eventually, AKA and Black Coffee were able to settle their differences and move past their feud.

In fact, Black Coffee showed his support by attending the launch of AKA’s restaurant and nightclub, Cuba Lounge BLK, in 2020.

When AKA released his hit song “Lemons/Lemonade” in 2022, Black Coffee even referenced the lyrics in one of his social media posts, much to AKA’s delight.

After the reconciliation between AKA and Black Coffee, some Twitter users suggested that the cause of the feud might not have been limited to the incident of physical altercation.

One user asked people to share their opinions about Black Coffee’s ex-wife, and a user with the handle @wondermahlobo revealed that AKA and Enhle Mbali were once in a romantic relationship.

He said:

“She is for the streets. When she first dated Coffee, she was still with Kiernan. Why do you think there was so much bad blood between Kiernan and Coffee? They don’t do the same music, so where [could] the beef have come from? 😂”

Mzansi was intrigued that Engle Mbali once dated AKA and Black Coffee simultaneously.


“She’s definitely a Forbes type, lol 😂. I am not shocked.”


“From the streets, she came, to the streets she belongs 😂😂😂.”


“Someone needs to just post Kiernan’s hit list coz this is insane bra. Man has been hitting 10s and was discreet about it.”

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