SA Slay Mama Shawn Mkhize Goes Broke, About To Get Evicted From 4 Mansions

Shawn Mkhize Goes Broke, About To Get Evicted From Mansion
Shawn Mkhize Goes Broke, About To Get Evicted From Four Mansions. Source: Instagram

Financial woes are biting hard on Mzansi’s slay mama Shawn Mkhize and his only son, Andile as they could possibly get evicted from four of their mansion after failing to pay monthly instalments for the houses.

The shocking revelations were made by Sunday world recently alleging that the two are now illegally occupying the place they reside on after a court order booted them out.

Four Sandton mansions worth, R8.25 million, R5.25 million, R3.95 million and R2 million respectively were purchased by Andile early last year with a promise that they would pay in cash instalments.

According to court papers filed by a businessman, Baruch Roy Peretz, Andile, also promised that he was going to pay before the agreed dates and will make large payments when he could.

It is also alleged that only a grand total of R1.5 million was made since the agreement for all four properties combined and now the family is sitting close to R8 million arrear fees.

An affidavit read by Sunday World further alleges that the family never paid rates, taxes, estate levies or any other charges levied for immovable properties as per agreement.

“Whilst the second and third respondents are unlawful occupants of the property, damages are being suffered, such as the fact that I ultimately remain responsible for the levies, rates and taxes and municipal charges.

The electricity consumption in respect of the first property amounts to no less than R25 000 per month, which is an expense that the respondents are not paying contrary to the terms of the instalment sale agreements,” Peretz’s affidavit read.

Even with all damning allegations against the family, they are not stopping in flaunting their wealth on social media, neither are they giving any attention to the media on the said financial woes they are going through.

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