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“Sell That Bentley And McLaren”- Cassper Nyovest Urged To Reduce Luxury Spending Amidst Complaints About South Africa’s Soaring Cost Of Living

It appears one of South Africa’s celebrated rappers, Cassper Nyovest, is now experiencing the effects of the increasing cost of living in the country.

Expressing his thoughts on social media, Cassper Nyovest voiced his concern over the escalating cost of living in South Africa and the challenges faced by many individuals who are trying to manage their finances and make ends meet.

People are going through a lot financially. Ha gona zaka jo. It’s bad! Nobody has money. What’s going on Shap Shap??? Why is it so tight?

Cassper Nyovest expressed his concern about the exorbitant prices of goods and services in South Africa.

He revealed that he not making enough money, and as such, he is always stressed about the next month.

I’m going through it myself. It’s tough man. Like I feel only the billionaires are living soft cause jo ya kena ya tswa. Everything is just expensive! Water electricity, food, Petrol, security, rent, tax. Bro, I’m not making enough money. I’m always stressed about the next month.

Cassper Nyovest’s tweets came as a surprise to many, given his luxurious lifestyle. People assumed that he was financially stable, but contrary to popular belief, the rapper disclosed that he too was facing financial difficulties like any average citizen in South Africa.

Some netizens found this hard to believe and accused him of lying.

Cassper Nyovest
(Image Credit: Zalebs/ @casspernyovest)

Critics contended that the reason Cassper Nyovest is feeling financial strain is due to his lifestyle.

In response, some social media users advised him to stop spending money on luxuries and instead consider selling his expensive McLaren and Bentley.

Check out some of the reactions;


Damn. One would never imagine that with Billiato, Drip, Root of Fame merchandise, Giggs, royalties and all your other streams of income, that you would be living “stressing” about the next month🤔


Sell the McLaren and get a golf.. millions saved💪🏾💯


But you can always sell the Bentley!!!! We have nothing to sell😂😂


You can’t be stressing about next month if you got a car that costs 5 million

You might be going through it based on your current lifestyle but you have a lot of “wiggle room” to work with should you choose to downgrade. So it’s not that bad for you imo😂

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