Mapaseka Koetle and DJ Fresh-Image Source(Instagram)Mapaseka Koetle and DJ Fresh-Image Source(Instagram)

Scandal Actress Mapaseka Koetle Divorced In Real Life Amid DJ Fresh Dating Rumours

Actress Mapaseka Koetle, known for her role as Dintle Nyathi on the TV show Scandal, has confirmed that she is getting a divorce from Nelson Nyokong.

She has removed her double-barrel surname from social media and no longer wears her wedding ring. Mapaseka keeps her private life hidden from the public, so not much is known about her and Nelson’s relationship.

The actress is good at keeping her private life separate from her public one as an actress. Not a lot of people have an idea that she was married besides just knowing her double-barrelled surname. Most of her fans have no idea what her husband looks like and just know that she has a daughter.

Mapaseka Koetle Divorced now in real life

Mapaseka Koetle-Image Source(Instagram)
Mapaseka Koetle-Image Source(Instagram)

In her acting life, Mapaseka is famously known as Dintle Nyathi in Scandal where she is an unlucky woman in love. She has dated a lot of men but it all ended in tears. Recently she even met an older man who she thought was the love of her life. The two faced a lot of challenges from the man, Reggie’s son who thought Dintle was a gold digger. After they had succeeded in proving their love and getting married they realize that they are actually father and daughter after her mother shows up after so many years of estrangement.

Fans have wondered if her character’s unlucky love life on-screen has affected her real-life relationship. Recently, rumors circulated that Mapaseka was having an affair with DJ Fresh, but she denied the rumors.

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