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‘Scams For A Living’| Londie London Under Fire For Dating Another Con Artist 

Recently, social media users were extending their congratulations to reality TV star Londie London for embarking on a new business endeavor and acquiring a new home.

However, the same people were left astounded when photographs emerged of the socialite sharing a kiss with someone alleged to be involved in fraudulent activities.

Londie has faced severe backlash from social media users, who have strongly criticized her for “being involved with a criminal” and potentially putting her children at risk by exposing them to potentially dangerous men.


A lot of people were deeply moved when they witnessed the emotional moment in which Londie London tears while expressing her anguish over the lack of support from her children’s father and former fiancé, Hlubi Nkosi.

The tears of sorrow quickly transformed into tears of joy as the star seemingly found the strength to rise above her challenges and successfully launched a hair fibre brand.

Excitingly, she also announced that she had recently purchased a new home, receiving an outpouring of congratulatory messages for her remarkable comeback.

However, Londie is currently making headlines due to her romantic involvement with someone known as Mabonga, who is alleged to be involved in fraudulent activities.

According to social media users, Mabonga was previously in relationships with Sbahle Mpisane and Ameigh Thompson.

The circulating photos of Mabonga and Londie were shared on Instagram by gossip blog Salty Entertainment Juice, accompanied by a caption referencing Mabonga as a scammer who had been romantically linked to various women.

“Mabonga the scammer who dated @sbahle_mpisane then paid dowry to Ameigh Thompson; is now with @londie_london_official. The information that we got is that: He scams people for a living; ave ewathanda amaphara.”

The post quickly went viral, sparking widespread discussions among locals about Londie’s choice to date an alleged scammer.

Many people expressed curiosity and speculation regarding the potential involvement of this man in the reality TV star’s new business venture and her recent home purchase.


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