Thabo Bester and Jackson Mkhaulesi-Image Source@TwitterThabo Bester and Jackson Mkhaulesi-Image Source@Twitter

SAPS Denies Reports of Investigator’s Suicide in Thabo Bester Case

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has denied reports suggesting that one of the investigators in the rapist and murder Thabo Bester escape case committed suicide shortly after receiving an SMS.

On 5 June, Brigadier Jackson Mkhaulesi was found in his car in Bloemfontein with a gunshot wound. He was buried on Sunday, 18 June.

The SAPS said reports that Mkhaulesi had received an SMS that led to him to kill himself were false.

“SAPS has noted with great concern fake news circulating on social media. The SAPS calls on all who have published, seen or received the false news article, to ignore it and to refrain from sharing or disseminating false information,” it said.

‘His Death Could Have Been Avoided’ SAPS denies Investigator’s suicide

According to SowetanLIVE, former deputy national commissioner for crime detection Jacob Tsumane called for a full investigation into Mkhaulesi’s death.

“I am calling on all the investigators in the province that they must make sure they get something from the crime scene where Mkhaulesi died.

Thabo Bester and Jackson Mkhaulesi-Image Source@Twitter
Thabo Bester and Jackson Mkhaulesi-Image Source@Twitter

“He excelled in crime scenes after I taught him that job during my era in the Free State [as provincial commissioner]. He had no time to come in or knock off because he was always available whenever I called him to go somewhere irrespective of the time,” Tsumane recalled.

Meanwhile, Free State Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union representative Joshua Motsamai pleaded with the SAPS to keep officers in the profession when they want to retire or resign.

“Major please note that whenever there is an officer who wants to resign, take early retirement or wants to retire, you must know that officer is fed up. He or she is really fed up.

“This is to avoid the incident such as this one where we see police [officers] committing suicide. Mkhaulesi’s death could have been avoided,” Motsamai said.

Brigadier Jackson Mkhaulesi, the seasoned investigator and Free State Head of Organised Crime, died on Monday, 5 June. Image: SAPS.

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