Soapies have become some people’s daily bread, and we mean that literally. Some cannot afford to miss an episode of these stories.

The Television industry has created an escape of monumental proportions with the Soap industry, but as much as we love them, there comes a time when we must admit that the Soapie has lost its appeal.

These soapies have either lost the original plot, and the story doesn’t make sense anymore, or their main star attractions have exited the show, usually due to viewership loss( Deep City and The Queen)

This happens all the time, and these are the stories we want to let go of because it’s just become painful to watch them.

Uzalo, Gen The Legacy, Muvhango, Gomora and more are the soapies we are currently watching on our screens.

Which ones do we think need to bite the dust, and which ones are worth a fighting chance?

Let’s start with the OG of Soapies in SA.


Generations introduced SA television to Soapie culture, and that’s a fact. South Africans knew about Soapies but not locally.

The Moroka legacy has been one of the most longstanding storylines on SA television. The story remains today even after several of its star attractions left, and the name changed. It remains one of the most-watched Soapies.


Also a stronghold with a compelling cultural story to tell. The numbers did well on this one, but is it time for it to bite the dust, or are we still holding on?

7 De Laan

The Afrikaans drama is one of the favourites and tells an extraordinary story, the plot has evolved, and the cast has also evolved; the viewers still love the story and more.

Others worth talking about are Skeem Saam, newbie, House of Zwide, The Estate and more.

Which ones should bite the dust?

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