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Renowned Amapiano artist DBN Gogo, typically known for keeping her personal life private, finds herself in the public eye amid allegations surrounding her rumored boyfriend, Trizz King Mageba. Startling revelations suggest Mageba’s involvement in car theft, unraveling a web of controversy.

DBN Gogo Faces Controversy: New Boyfriend Accused of Car Theft

DBN Gogo’s usually guarded personal life is now under scrutiny, sparked by accusations against her alleged new boyfriend, Trizz King Mageba. These allegations surfaced through celebrity gossipmonger Musa Khawula, who presented supporting evidence in the form of iMessage group chat screenshots and shared snapshots of DBN Gogo’s WhatsApp conversations.

Conflicting Displays: Lavish Gifts and Financial Constraints

In the group chat, DBN Gogo’s friends expressed bewilderment as the Amapiano sensation seemingly bestowed her boyfriend with a lavish Rolex watch, despite claiming financial constraints and, at times, asking friends to split the bill for a bottle of Hennessy. DJ Banques voiced his confusion, stating, “And she’s gonna tell us she doesn’t have money…We need to split the bill of the Henny but buying n****s Rolex.”

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DBN Gogo’s Frustrations: Seeking Both Love and Material Splendor

DBN Gogo, also known as Thembani Mandisa Radebe, appears frustrated with her boyfriend’s constant demands for expensive gifts. In a WhatsApp status, she emphasized that men often misinterpret her apparent wealth as a lack of interest in material gifts. She made it clear that love and support are not sufficient for her; she also desires to be spoiled by her partner.

“The worst part of this for me is men will think I have money and I’m not materialistic. Please abeg. I love nice things only. Your love and support are NOT enough,”

Allegations of a Disturbing Pattern: DBN Gogo’s New Boyfriend Accused of Car Theft

Adding another layer to the controversy, a WhatsApp message reveals DBN Gogo’s new boyfriend pleading for a PATEK, a request she outright refused. In a shocking twist, an individual claimed in a separate message that DBN Gogo has a type—thieves—and alleged car thieves.

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