Ringo Madlingozi-Image Source@TwitterRingo Madlingozi-Image Source@Twitter

Ringo Madlingozi Debunks Rumours That He Quit EFF

After a recent report by PSAFLIVE suggested that musician and EFF member Ringo Madlingozi had quietly parted ways with the political party in a bid to reestablish himself in the music industry, citing the party’s alleged lack of growth, Ringo took to social media to address these claims.

He vehemently labelled the report as “fraudulent journalism,” emphasizing that the alleged sources were unreliable. Ringo expressed his stance on Twitter, stating, “Your lies hide behind your reliable sources’. Your wishes can never be mine. You must write the re-emergence of all my catalogues on all digital platforms for the first time on September 15, 2023. I’m EFF South Africa through and through. Ur Juno are liars.”

“Ur journalism is fraud. Ur lies hide behind ur ‘reliable sources’. Ur wishes can never be mine. What u must write is the re-emergence of all my catalogue on all Digital Platforms for the first time on the 15th of Sept 2023. I’m @EFFSouthAfrica thru & thru. Ur Juno’s r liars” – Ringo Madlingozi (@ndiyagodola) September 10, 2023

A Musical Renaissance

Ringo Madlingozi-Image Source@Twitter
Ringo Madlingozi-Image Source@Twitter

Addressing his return to music, Ringo expressed his belief that it’s the opportune moment to reenter the music scene and offer audiences the healing power of his art. He shared insights into personal growth, acknowledging that his younger self was less attuned to life’s nuances. He now embraces a perspective that values life’s small joys and positivity, even in the face of news that may have once caused him distress.

“Ringo back then was younger and not knowledgeable about life. Now I understand that not everything should be taken too seriously, and I should appreciate the smallest things and the positivity of life being on the news that hurt me. But I realised I’ve got a choice to move on,” as quoted by the publication.

“I am aware of every moment. I’ve been drinking and having fun but now to be totally aware, here and now, makes me wonder why I thought there wouldn’t be fun without drinking, but I was telling myself a lie.”


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