Ricky Rick and Bianca Naidoo-Image Source@InstagramRicky Rick and Bianca Naidoo-Image Source@Instagram

Ricky Rick’s Partner Bianca Naidoo Reveals Why The Rapper Took His Life

Ricky Rick’s partner, Bianca Naidoo, has shared her thoughts on the difficulties that may have contributed to the rapper’s tragic decision to take his own life. Rikhado Makhado, known by his stage name Ricky Rick, was a renowned hip-hop singer and producer who allegedly battled depression before his untimely death a year ago. In an exclusive interview with Metro FM, Bianca revealed that Ricky Rick’s drug addiction could have played a significant role in his suicide.

Ricky Rick’s partner reveals how he felt the pressure

Ricky Rick and Bianca Naidoo-Image Source@Instagram
Ricky Rick and Bianca Naidoo-Image Source@Instagram

Bianca went on to explain that Ricky Rick may have experienced a sense of inadequacy due to the multitude of responsibilities and expectations he carried. She stated, “He had a deep desire to make a difference beyond what he had already achieved. In hindsight, it seems he didn’t believe he was doing enough, and that weighed heavily on him. The state of the country and the challenges within the industry were particularly distressing for him. These external factors compounded his struggles.”

She continued, “Ricky battled addiction, and although he had periods of successful recovery, he unfortunately relapsed towards the end. He found it difficult to come to terms with the idea of failure, but we, as his support system, stood by his side through those moments. We showered him with love, even when he felt undeserving.”

A Mother’s Perspective

Ricky Rick and Bianca Naidoo-Image Source@Instagram
Ricky Rick and Bianca Naidoo-Image Source@Instagram

Louisa Zondo, Ricky Rick’s mother, also shared her perspective on coping with the loss of her beloved son. She expressed that writing a book served as a therapeutic outlet, aiding her healing process. Titled “Dearest MaRiky — A Mother’s Journey through Grief, Trauma and Healing,” the book comprises a collection of heartfelt letters addressed to her late son.

In a previous interview with TshisaLIVE, Louisa expressed the profound impact of Ricky Rick’s passing on her life. She described the experience as disorienting and overwhelming, leaving her in unimaginable pain and a profound sense of disconnection. However, she found solace in the support of her loved ones, fans of Ricky Rick, individuals who had also endured loss, and her spiritual community. Seeking assistance, she embarked on an intense healing journey, which proved to be both arduous and transformative.

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