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Rich International Businessman Allegedly Interferes In Master KG And Makhadzi’s Relationship

Master KG and Makhadzi encountered difficulties in sustaining their relationship as it was reportedly disrupted by the involvement of a Botswana businessman.

Recently, there have been reports suggesting that Makhadzi, whose real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, has entered into a new relationship with Lawrence Muluadzi, the former owner of Tshakuma Tsha Madzivhandela.

It was in December that Master KG, also known as Kgaogelo Moagi, publicly announced their breakup with Makhadzi, but the reasons behind it were not disclosed.

According to sources, a mysterious Botswana businessman seems to have played a significant role in the split of this influential musical couple.

Sources close to the recently minted Metro FM award singer have also revealed that the Mulaudzi was behind Makhadzi’s One-Woman Show in Botswana in March 2022.

“He is based in Botswana and when she goes that side, she is with him. It went on for a while before Master KG caught on fully and broke up with her in that public post in December,” said a source.

The mole added that the businessman also encouraged Makhadzi to drop her record label Open Mic Productions to start her own stable, Makhadzi Entertainment.

“He told her that she could make more money by herself and that she does not have to be making money for other people, because she is a big star. So, she used to benefit a lot from his business knowledge and encouragement.”

A former colleague added:

“It was a big thing because Master KG is known for being super frugal, but used to spend a lot on her.

“So, when they broke up, it was dramatic because he wanted everything of his returned to him. I am not sure if he got anything back though.”

Master KG refused to comment, saying:

“Eish, this one I do not want to talk about … We are still working together, so I do not want to comment at all.”

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