Rhythm City January Spoilers

3 men are will want to date Pearl Genaro in January; Mzi; Pule and Pastor Mkoro

Mzi wants Pearl back

Mzi is going to get extremely jealous of Pule and Pearl’s short fling in January but will make up with his brother when Pearl loses interest.

Weird, because Mzi and Pearl ended when he impregnated and married Pearl’s former BFF; Reneilwe. He has no right to tell Pearl and his brother who they can date!

Pule wants Pearl

Pule is Pearl’s best option to date out of Mzi and Pastor Mkoro because she and Pule are similar; they’re both adventurous, daredevils, and love challenging one another. The only reason Pearl will start dating the pastor instead of Pule is that he’s a safer option.

Pearl and Pastor Mkoro fall in-love and start dating

The weirdest and creepiest relationship since the inception of the show has to be this one; Pearl Genaro and Pastor Mkoro’s. Pearl is a Genaro, a badass, a villain, so the whole thing doesn’t make sense. 

Their relationship won’t even last because Pearl, Khulekani, or Pule will find out something dodgy about the pastor towards the end or beginning of February.

Sabelo’s employment…

Sabelo is going to quit his job and get his job at Kilowatt back. He and Fats are eventually going to make-up when Fats runs into trouble at the club.

Mapule’s past…


Will Mapule get back together with Gift when she gets into financial trouble since she won’t have a bursary to further her studies? The Khuse’s are going to sell their land to finance Mapule’s studies, but will she accept their offer?

Mose exits the show…

Mose is going to expose Blossom’s brother when his cover gets blown. Get ready to witness a heartbroken Blossom!

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