Rhythm City Actress Samkelo Ndlovu Dragged For Her Singing

Actress; Samkelo Ndlovu who played the role of Lerato for seven years on Rhythm City was recently dragged on social media for her “singing”.

Ndlovu surprised her fans and South Africans when she recently made a career change and released her single that dropped on Christmas day.

While some tweeps loved her single; Intoyami, some South Africans didn’t. She’s been dragged for her inappropriate performance; where she is seen touching herself on stage and she’s dragged for her singing and has been trending on Twitter for accusing musician; Moozlie of spilling a drink on her.

Tweeps have told the actress to stick to acting and leave the singing as she’s not great at it like Moozlie the rapper. 

Ndlovu’s fans further asked her if something terrible happened after she gave birth or before she gave birth as she seems to be seeking attention and acting out ‘out of the blue’.

While Tweeps agree with Ndlovu that Moozlie isn’t a great musician, they’ve advised Ndlovu to leave music as well.

Ndlovu shared the news of her departure on Twitter earlier this year and said she wasn’t fired from the show or written out; it was a mutual agreement.

“The last seven years, I have spent at a home that I found a favorable environment to harness and perfect my craft amongst thespians who share the same sentiments. I have enjoyed carrying Lerato with me and telling her story.”

The actress apparently tried to leave the show in 2019 but wasn’t able to.

“A year ago I attempted to leave Rhythm City and during talks with producers, after even trying six months off solution, another co-star who was pivotal as an antagonist in the word of the story confirmed imminent departure. I was then asked to stay for one more year, as the show could not lose two villains at once.”


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