Annie and Sane from RHOD-Image Source@InstagramAnnie and Sane from RHOD-Image Source@Instagram

RHOD’s Sane Shares Pictures Of Annie Mthembu’s Husband Cheating

The Real Housewives of Durban season three may be over, but the feud between original housewife Annie Mthembu and newcomer Sanelisiwe “Sane” Bhengu shows no signs of ending.

Annie’s Accusations

During the part-two reunion, Annie disclosed that one of the reasons she struggles to forgive Sane is due to her actions outside of the show. Annie specifically accused Sane of using her relationship with her now-husband Kgolo “DaGuru” Mthembu, which initially started when she was his personal assistant, to climb the social ladder.

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Jojo leaves Real Housewives of Durban-Image Source(Instagram)
Jojo leaves Real Housewives of Durban-Image Source(Instagram)

Continued Attacks

According to Annie, Sane continued to attack her even after the show concluded. Annie accused Sane of spreading rumors that DaGuru was unfaithful to her and was expecting a child with another woman, claims that Annie vehemently denied.

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Alleged Proof of Infidelity

It appears that Sane may have evidence to support her allegations. During The Real Housewives of Durban season three reunion, Annie warned that she would resort to legal action if Sane persisted in launching social media and public attacks against her husband. Reports now suggest that there is proof indicating DaGuru may not be as faithful as Annie claimed during the reunion.


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Denial of Infidelity Claims

Although Annie dismissed the claims of DaGuru expecting a child outside of their marriage, she did not explicitly address his faithfulness. Annie simply stated that they were currently happier than ever. However, an online gossip page has expressed gratitude towards Sane, claiming to possess evidence of DaGuru’s extramarital affairs, supporting Sane’s previous assertions.

Supporters and Disputes

On Twitter, supporters of Annie voiced their opinions, acknowledging that Annie never denied the possibility of DaGuru cheating due to cultural stereotypes associated with “Zulu men.” However, they emphasize that Annie did reject the claim of him fathering a child outside of their marriage.


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