Nonku Williams-Image Source@InstagramNonku Williams-Image Source@Instagram

Nonku Williams, a star from “The Real Housewives of Durban,” is being sued by Peet Viljoen. The lawsuit follows Nonku’s serious allegations of abuse against Peet’s wife, Melany Viljoen.

The controversy began when Nonku made explosive claims on “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip SA,” which is currently being broadcast on Showmax. She accused Peet of abusing Melany and hinted at Melany’s involvement in a solitary cult. Additionally, Nonku suggested that Peet controls Melany’s life, influencing her decision not to have children and stating that Melany idolizes her husband.

Peet Viljoen’s Legal Response

Peet Viljoen has responded to these accusations by filing a defamation lawsuit against Nonku, seeking R1 million in damages. In a statement to Rapport, Peet categorically denied the allegations and explained their mutual decision not to have children.

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“Mel has literally no family left, nobody to assist should anything happen to me. We are not living in 1955. Women are not worth less when children are not what they desire. I am taken aback by the baby-shaming on the show.”

Peet further elaborated on his background as a divorce lawyer who has defended women against abusive men for 17 years. He mentioned his reapplication to practice law after being wrongfully prosecuted for nearly 15 years.

“I have five sisters who would have slapped the silly out of me if I had abusive tendencies towards women.”

Nonku Williams’ Silence

As of now, Nonku Williams has not made any public comments regarding the legal action taken against her.

Public Reaction

The public reaction on social media has been mixed. One Instagram user defended Melany’s right to respond to the allegations:

“Mel has a right to defend herself. If she keeps quiet, people will still demand answers from her. Your name carries your dignity, you have to defend it. Especially when you are in business and you are also a public figure.”

Another user offered words of encouragement:

“Go get them, Mel! You are amazing, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.”

However, some expressed skepticism about Melany’s frequent defenses:

“Your constant need to defend yourself may allude to a level of truth to their speculations. People who are constantly defensive have a lot to hide, is it why you’re constantly on the edge?”


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