Nonku Williams and Dumisani-Image Source(Instagram)Nonku Williams and Dumisani-Image Source(Instagram)

RHOD Star Nonku Williams Sues Ex-Convict Former Boyfriend For R1 Million Fraud

Real Housewives of Durban star Nonku Williams is pursuing legal action against her former boyfriend Dumisani Ndlazi for defrauding her of millions.

Recently, it was revealed that Nonku and her ex-convict boyfriend parted ways roughly two months ago, citing his dubious activities as the cause of their breakup.

A source close to ZiMoja says the heartbroken Nonku is still recovering from her trauma

“She is hurt both financially and emotionally after what he did to her,” a source divulges.

Nonku Williams was blinded by love and had no knowledge that her partner, Dumisani Ndlazi, was not who he appeared to be.

The source claims that within a month of their relationship, Nonku began to trust him completely, even making him a partner in one of her significant business ventures.

The TV personality had no idea about the true nature of her Dumisani Ndlazi, who had presented himself differently.

The source further mentioned that while Nonku was busy running her other businesses, attending social events, and working as a social media influencer, her ex was in charge of one of her construction businesses, making poor business decisions repeatedly.

The source whispers that Nonku Williams had no reason to worry and trusted her partner completely, especially since he had promised to marry her.

However, little did she know that he had ulterior motives. The source further claims that Nonku even introduced her ex-boyfriend to her business suppliers, enabling him to obtain building materials on credit.

“When you are in a construction business, it is normal to have an account at building warehouse where you can arrange to pay as soon as clients pay back. She also found out that he took building material costing over a million and now she has to pay for it ,” says the source, adding that Ndlazi has left Nonku in serious debt.

Moreover, it has been alleged that once one of their projects was completed and the payment received, Ndlazi disappeared.

Instead of sharing the profits with Nonku Williams, he allegedly went to complete the construction of his own house that had been on hold in Richard’s Bay.

It has been reported that Nonku is taking legal action against her ex-boyfriend and has been in discussions with her lawyers.

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