Review: How Qabanga Will Exit Uzalo

We knew from the teasers that Gabisile was dying this week, but didn’t know how she’ll die. Then in a plot twist, Qabanga strangled Gabisile to death right before forgiving her for killing his son, Kehla, and baby-mama, Nomcebo.

Captain Mpambani knows that by the phone records that Gabisile killed both Kehla and Nomcebo and he was about to arrest her before she disappeared. 

Now that Qabanga killed Gabisile, it’s now only a matter of time till he gets jailed and exists the show like his on-screen wife, Gabisile.

Qabanga had every motive to kill Gabisile because even though he loved Gabisile, he proved that he loved Nomcebo and Kehla more. He was devastated when he learned that his son slept with his wife but forgave him.

He will never understand what a maniac, how insane and obsessed Kehla was, towards Gabisile in the end because, in his eyes, Gabisile wasn’t defending herself as we saw.

We’ll see the captain questioning him thoroughly regarding the aftermath of her confession. He will either confess to killing her or get investigated, arrested, and jailed.

Mpambani’s joining of the show was the beginning of the end for both actors as he’s ruthless and obsessed with closing cold cases and Gabisile knew that she had nowhere out in the end.

We knew the leading actors were leaving the show as producers confirmed their departures from the show last year.

The statement read: Baby Cele and Siyabonga Shibe will be leaving Uzalo by the end of season sixThe story has taken this direction and will give us a riveting, high-stakes ending for both characters.

“The decision was made in consultation with the two actors. Both have given a tremendous amount to their roles on Uzalo and we are forever grateful for that. We will be introducing a host of new characters played by SA’s best. Please stay tuned and see as the story unfolds.”


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