Busta 929 and paballo NokoBusta 929 and Paballo Noko-Image Source@Zoomsouthafrica
Amidst public curiosity, Paballo Noko and Busta 929 garnered attention due to their unconventional relationship. Paballo’s openness about her involvement with older individuals, notably Busta 929, propelled her into the spotlight.
Busta 929, known by his birth name Thapelo Theo Ndou, gained fame for his notable contributions to the Amapiano music genre. However, controversies and public scrutiny have overshadowed his career, especially when accusations emerged, including one instance where he allegedly invited underage individuals to his residence.

Subsequently, Paballo and Busta parted ways, with Paballo becoming vocal about her romantic escapades, shedding light on her past involvement with Busta 929.

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The Age Gap Revelation

Busta 929 and Paballo Noko-Image Source@X

During a recent appearance on the Limpopo Podcast, Paballo Noko delved into the intricacies of her relationship with Busta 929.

She disclosed that their association commenced when she was merely 15 years old, while Busta 929 was 30. Their initial interaction transpired through social media channels, where he initiated contact via a direct message on Instagram. This online exchange blossomed into a romantic entanglement.

Their courtship spanned approximately eight months until Paballo reached the age of 17 in February.

This revelation triggered a significant backlash against Busta 929, with a plethora of social media users condemning his actions and labelling him as a predatory person.


“Statutory rape is the charge….where are the activists that got Moruti arrested.”


“Busta will soon be in trouble.”


“That was too young 😭”


“Busta made himself feel like he could get a girl and be loved by going for someone who’s 15 years old, of which, of course, she’d submit because she’s vulnerable and young. It’s even disgusting he saw her as a girlfriend.”

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