Babes Wodumo -Image Source(Instagram)Babes Wodumo -Image Source(Instagram)

Revealed! Babes Wodumo In Debt After Mampintsha’s Death

Babes Wodumo has been facing a difficult time after the death of her husband Mampintsha in December. The couple had been notoriously known for having public alteractions because of their marital problems. This was because of their reality show and also the over sharing.

Babes Wodumo has had a difficult time since the death of her husband Mampintsha. It is believed that he left behind a lot of debt for Babes to manage. This debt is a result of him spending money on his mistresses.

Someone close to the family has revealed that Babes is in serious debt and the family has moved into her home to help her save money.

Mampintsha left his wife Babes Wodumo in a lot of debt

“He has left her in a lot of debt. Luckily, they own the house, but the debt has accumulated,” he says.

Debt Disaster| Babes Wodumo Takes Financial Hit After Mampintsha's Death
Babes Wodumo in Mampintsha debt-Image Source(Instagram)

“He was managing all the finances of the business and household,” another source tells the publication

“These people met when Babes was very young, he has always been guiding her and taking care of the money. But she now has to manage everything on her own. She is in serious debt.”

Babes Wodumo and her drama with Mampintsha’s mistresses

The singer had a public meltdown after her husband died after she got her hands on his phone. This was because she found out that Mapintsha was chatting with a lot of other women. She threatened to expose all the women and called them gold diggers.

Despite all of this, Babes Wodumo is still trying her best to make it through this tough time. Her sister rubbished all the debt rumours and said that the singer had no such thing going on in her life.

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