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Prominent South African artist DJ Tira has addressed the serious accusations made by aspiring musician Luke Ntombela, who claimed that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with her while she was intoxicated.

DJ Tira, via his legal representatives, released a formal statement refuting the allegations made by Luke Ntombela.

Social Media Drama: Luke Ntombela Exposes DJ Tira with Damning Screenshots

Recently, DJ Tira became the center of a social media storm after Luke Ntombela posted screenshots on her Facebook page, alleging that DJ Tira behaved inappropriately with her while she was under the influence and later offered her hush money.

According to these screenshots, Ntombela claimed that DJ Tira continued his inappropriate actions despite her objections.

Legal Action Initiated: DJ Tira’s Lawyers Issue Cease and Desist to Luke Ntombela

In response, DJ Tira’s legal team has issued a cease and desist letter to Luke Ntombela, demanding an immediate stop to the defamatory allegations.


The statement, shared across DJ Tira’s social media accounts, called for Luke Ntombela to halt all defamatory claims.

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Legal Representatives Slam Allegations as Baseless and Defamatory, Accuse Luke Ntombela of Malicious Intent

DJ Tira’s legal team argued that Ntombela’s claims were unfounded and damaging.

“Our clients have informed us of ongoing character assassination through your social media posts containing unfounded, baseless, and defamatory statements, which are severely harming our clients’ reputation.”

The representatives also criticized Luke’s recent interview with Ukhozi FM, labeling it as malicious and lacking evidence. They accused Ntombela of attempting to extort DJ Tira for money.

“During your interview on Ukhozi FM, your allegations were shown to be devoid of logic and substance, indicating a clear intention to blackmail our clients.”

Legal Action Taken: DJ Tira’s Lawyers Demand Luke Ntombela Issue a Retraction

The legal team instructed Luke Ntombela to immediately cease her defamatory statements and issue a public retraction through the same social media platforms.

“We demand that you stop publishing these false claims against our client and issue a retraction through the same channels.”

Additionally, Ntombela was instructed to make an apology via a radio interview on the same station where the original allegations were aired.

“You must also retract your statements and offer an unconditional apology through a radio interview on the same station.”

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Retraction and Apology Demanded: DJ Tira’s Lawyers Give Luke Ntombela 7-Day Ultimatum

Luke Ntombela has been given seven days to comply with these demands. Failure to do so will result in DJ Tira pursuing legal action.

“Should you fail to retract within seven days, our clients will seek legal redress to protect their brand.”


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