Thabo Malema's wife operated on by fake doctorThabo Malema's wife-Image Source@imzansi

Renowned actor Thabo Malema faced a harrowing ordeal as his wife, Hlengiwe Mbambo, narrowly escaped death following a perilous operation conducted by an fake doctor at a Johannesburg hospital in the past year.

The Surgery Incident

The surgical procedure, a total abdominal hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), transpired in December 2022. Despite initial indications of a successful operation, Mbambo began encountering severe abdominal pain a few days later.

According to reports by Sunday World, a follow-up CT scan in February exposed an injury sustained during the operation.

Mbambo Initiates Legal Action

Mbambo, deeply affected by persistent health issues stemming from the surgery, decided to take legal action. She has filed a case of attempted murder and impersonation against the alleged imposter doctor while withholding specific details due to the ongoing investigation at the undisclosed hospital.

These health challenges have significantly impacted Mbambo’s recent marriage to actor Thabo Malema, leading to frequent and prolonged hospital admissions.

Investigation Unveils Discrepancies

The accused doctor, reportedly employed at a private hospital in Johannesburg, faces scrutiny as the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) reveals no records of his qualifications.

Thabo Malema’s wife operated on by fake doctor-Image Source@imzansi

In response to an inquiry regarding the doctor’s qualifications, the HPCSA stated, “I hereby confirm that the name of [the doctor] does not appear on the register of health practitioners kept by the council.”

Determined to seek justice, Mbambo conducted her own investigation, discovering discrepancies in the records. Notably, the doctor was listed as an assistant in her medical records but did not feature on her medical aid bill as one of the operating doctors.

Legal Proceedings and Police Investigation

No arrests have been made thus far in connection with the case, as confirmed by police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo. “Police can confirm that a case of attempted murder and impersonating a medical practitioner has been opened at Douglasdale police station. No arrest has been made yet; the investigation is underway,” stated Masondo.

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