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Refusing To Back Down| Sli Khumalo Defends Accusing DJ Tira’s Wife Gugu Khathi Of Infidelity

In the recent Eastern Cape SUV challenge event, Sli Khumalo made headlines when she came forward with alarming accusations.

According to her, Tebogo Lerole, a member of the Kwela Tebza band, allegedly tried to pressure her into sharing a hotel room with another woman. This revelation caused quite a stir in the media.

It was alleged that the reason behind this request was to potentially arrange an encounter between Lerole and Gugu Khathi, who happens to be DJ Tira’s wife.

Following this revelation, Sli Khumalo, a gender activist, came forward and accused Gugu of being involved in infidelity with Lerole.

To support her claims, Sli Khumalo shared a voice note containing an exchange between the two women.

Speaking to ZiMoja last month Sli said:

“I refused to share a room with some random girl who came with Tebogo while he wanted to share a room with Gugu.”

In response to the allegations made by Sli Khumalo, Gugu Khathi decided to take legal action.

Her legal representatives promptly drafted a letter addressed to Sli, in which they demanded a retraction of the statements made and an apology.

The letter from Gugu’s lawyers read,

“Should you fail, refuse and/or neglect to accede to our client’s demands within 5 (five) days of receipt of this letter, we hold instructions to institute legal proceedings against you, the costs of which you will be held liable.”

According to a counter letter dated May 20, 2023, which was sent to Gugu by Sli’s legal representatives, Diaho Attorneys Inc., Sli Khumalo firmly declined to issue an apology. The letter, obtained by ZiMoja, indicates that Sli stands by her statements and does not believe they warrant an apology.

“We submit further that our client will not subject herself to much indignity of apologising for something she has nothing to do with.”

The allegations, levelled against the former Mafikizolo dancer ,have reportedly put a strain on her marriage to DJ Tira, since they are not going away.

In her counter letter, Sli Khumalo suggests that Gugu Khathi should seek an apology from the media instead of demanding one from her.

Sli maintains that she was approached by media houses and simply provided her perspective on the matter at hand.

In her defence, Sli’s legal team wrote back to Khathi,

“Your client makes vexatious allegations against our client which we maintain are malicious and baseless. When the gossip came up on social media, your client Mrs Khathi and her associate assumed that the gossip news had anything to do with our client, which she denied. The assumption is informed by the fact that our client knows the two parties Mrs Khathi and Mr Lerole for at least three years, the latter being the client’s colleague in the Act Now Africa NPO and our client knows Mrs Khathi through Mr Lerole.”

Sli is also steadfast that she will not bother to apologise and entertain the legal threats brought by Gugu. She said firstly, there is no evidence that she communicated with social media influencer, Musa Khawula on Instagram, and there is no evidence to back that she attacked them against people whom “she doesn’t know from a bar of soap”.

Gugu Khathi Responds

Gugu says she is not backing off, she wants to teach her a lesson.

“She is now blaming the media claiming that they approached her and she was just responding, I am not backing off, I want her to pay the price of trying to break my marriage and trying to tarnish my name. If she claims to have evidence she must produce it,” says Gugu adding, “I have been in the industry for many years, and I want to make an example of her.”


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