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Reasons for Dineo Ranaka’s Dismissal from Kaya FM

Kaya FM has recently revealed the reasons behind the dismissal of presenter Dineo Ranaka. This comes after complaints from her fans that the company was uncouth and uncompassionate for getting rid of the presenter, who suffers from depression.

Dineo Ranaka’s Announcement

Last week, Dineo Ranaka announced on social media that she had been expelled from the Johannesburg-based commercial radio station. This was after Sunday World broke the news that the parties had mutually cut ties.

Kaya FM’s Response

Dineo Ranaka-Image Source@Instagram
Dineo Ranaka-Image Source@Instagram

In an internal memo sent to Kaya FM employees last week, acting managing director Collen Louw stated that the station had bent over backward to accommodate Dineo Ranaka’s challenges and even facilitated her admission to a mental institution. However, Dineo Ranaka went AWOL.

Louw related the station’s frustration, stating that the former Metro FM and YFM presenter did not take her employer into confidence about her medical challenges. Instead, she took to social media to announce that she was harbouring suicidal thoughts.

Termination of Services

The radio station announced in a memo that they had terminated the services of presenter Dineo Ranaka with immediate effect. The morning show presenter had been off air since May 22nd when she did not appear for her show. The station was subsequently alerted to her public outcry on social media, which led to an unfortunate medical diagnosis.

Support for Dineo Ranaka

Louw stated that in an effort to support Dineo Ranaka during her difficult period, the station made contact with a mental health organization for guidance. This facilitated the media personality’s admission to a wellness facility for a week. Afterwards, the radio station repeatedly tried in vain to reach out to Dineo Ranaka in a bid to find out if she was convalescing from her illness.

Dineo Ranaka-Image Source@Instagram
Dineo Ranaka-Image Source@Instagram

Parting Ways

Following several unsuccessful efforts by Kaya FM 959 to engage with Dineo Ranaka on her wellness journey, the station had to take a difficult decision to part ways with her. Louw stated that while they place great value on their people and their wellbeing, they have to balance this with the needs of the business. At this juncture, it is in the interest of the company to bring consistency to the station’s operational needs in order to best serve their clients and listeners.

Continued Support

Despite pink-slipping her, Louw stated that the station would continue to lend a helping hand to Dineo Ranaka and hope that they could work together again. Kaya 959 is prepared to continue supporting Dineo’s mental wellness journey and hope that she will be open to discussing possible mutually beneficial opportunities in future. The station is grateful for Dineo’s valuable contribution during her time with them and wishes her well.

Dineo Ranaka’s Response on her dismissal

When approached for comment, Dineo Ranaka referred us to her lawyer Paul Samuels who confirmed that she was fired from Kaya FM and that they were going to challenge the termination at the appropriate forum. Samuels stated that they do not wish to prejudice their client’s case and are of the opinion that it is inept to talk to the media at such an early stage of the dispute before proper instructions have been taken from their client.

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