Carlene Brown and Da Les-Image Source@TwitterCarlene Brown and Da Les-Image Source@Twitter

Rapper Da L.E.S Pours Cold Water Over R_pe Claims And Sues Carlene Brown

South African rapper Da L.E.S, whose real name is Leslie Jonathan Mampe Jr, has dismissed the rape allegations made against him by a woman on social media. He has also taken legal action against her for tarnishing his reputation.

Woman accuses rapper and his friends of gang rape

The woman, who identified herself as Carlene Brown de Jongh, posted on Instagram on July 4 that she was raped by Da L.E.S and his friends in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. She claimed that they took advantage of her and violated her.

Carlene Brown and Da Les-Image Source@Twitter
Carlene Brown and Da Les-Image Source@Twitter

Da L.E.S refutes allegations and seeks legal recourse against Carlene Brown

Da L.E.S, who is known for his hit song Trust, has issued a statement through his lawyers, saying that Brown de Jongh’s accusations are false and unlawful. He said that he has already opened a criminal case of defamation against her, which is being investigated by the police.

“Da L.E.S does not wish to deal with each and every allegation as it is prima facie untrue,” the statement read.

Da l.e.s-Image Source@Instagram
Da l.e.s-Image Source@Instagram

He added that the allegations have no basis and are defamatory, hurtful, and wrongful. He said that they were intended to humiliate him and undermine his good reputation as a public figure, a musician, and an influencer.

He denied the allegations and described them as spurious and unfounded, saying he will seek legal advice to prove his innocence.

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