Rapper AKA Loses Life In Durban Shooting

It has been reported that the rapper known as AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes, has passed away.

The 35-year-old rapper was tragically shot and killed outside a well-known restaurant on Florida Rd in Durban.

The police have confirmed that a 35-year-old man and another man, whose identity remains unknown, were both shot and killed on Friday.

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According to TimesLIVE, ALS paramedic Garrith Jamieson reported that at around 10:15 PM, they received a call regarding a shooting incident where two individuals were injured with multiple gunshot wounds.

“On arrival, paramedics met total chaos and a scene where two men, believed to be in their late 30s, sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Paramedics assisted the men and unfortunately the first male had sustained multiple gun shot wounds and showed no signs of life and was declared deceased at the scene.”

The paramedic stated that the second male was found in a critical state and unfortunately, despite advanced life support efforts, he passed away due to the severity of his injuries.

Image Credit: Instagram/AKA

The reason for the shooting is yet to be determined. The South African Police Service and Metro Police were present at the scene and closed off the road to aid in the investigation.

AKA was widely considered to be one of South Africa’s top rappers, with a career spanning over a decade. During this time, he wrote and produced numerous hit songs including “Fela In Versace,” “Baddest,” and others.

He is the father of a daughter named Kairo, with DJ Zinhle, and was in a relationship with rapper Nadia Nakai.

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