Durban woman who faked her own kidnappingDurban Woman arrested for faking her kidnapping-Image Source(Twitter)

Ransom Faux Pas: Durban Woman’s Hilariously Failed Kidnapping Plot Goes Viral on Social Media

A 47-year-old woman from Phoenix, north of Durban, named Firoza Bee Bee Joseph, has been arrested for faking her own kidnapping and demanding a ransom of R2 million from her husband. The incident went viral on social media after a video of the woman with her hands in cable ties, pleading for ransom, emerged online. In the video, she tearfully pleads with her husband and claims that she knows he doesn’t have the money.

Durban Woman Arrested for Allegedly Faking Her Own Kidnapping and Demanding Ransom from Husband

Initially, the woman had claimed that she was kidnapped from Clay Field Drive in Phoenix after leaving her business premises to use a restroom at her nearby home. Her husband received the ransom demand and reported the incident to the police. However, during the investigation, the footage surfaced showing the woman gambling at a casino in Pietermaritzburg during the time she claimed to be kidnapped.

Durban woman who faked her own kidnapping
Durban Woman Arrested for faking her kidnapping-Image Source(Twitter)

Further investigation led the police to find the woman at a bed and breakfast in Pietermaritzburg, lying on a bed with her jewellery, which she had claimed was stolen, inside her handbag. This was not the first time that the woman had orchestrated such a fake kidnapping scheme, as her husband claimed to have paid R30,000 in May 2021 for a similar incident, with no knowledge of where the money went.

The woman has since been arrested for her alleged involvement in faking her own kidnapping and demanding ransom from her husband.

Social Media Reacts Hilariously to Durban Woman’s Viral-Staged Kidnapping Video

The video of the staged ransom demand went viral on social media, leading to a flood of witty comments and memes online. Social media users jokingly praised her “hustling” spirit while marvelling at how she “fumbled the bag” with her failed attempt. The video quickly became a viral sensation, leaving social media in stitches with endless shares, likes, and comments on the humorous reactions to this bizarre turn of events.

Some of the reactions included:


Damnit how did she fumble the bag? What went wrong?


Women in entrepreneurship 🔥😂 I stan!


That gunshot and her screaming is 🔥😂😂😂


😭🤣 whats wrong with SA mara? We have 3 fire/netflix worthy stories 😭…Rose Mary, Bester nd Dr Gf then our lady decided to add on the list. Ai we are a junggle country sana

It is clear that the woman’s fake kidnapping plot did not go as planned, leading to her arrest and becoming the subject of online mockery.

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