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Recently appointed presenter at Jozi FM, Penny Ntuli, encountered a car accident while commuting on the N3 highway. Hailing from KwaZulu Natal, Ntuli had relocated to Johannesburg just a little over a month ago.

What Happened

While adapting to her new life in the “City of Gold”, Ntuli’s vehicle was struck by a load of timber that fell off a passing truck, resulting in damage to the front bumper. Sharing her ordeal on social media, she expressed, “Today, I decided to bring my car to Johannesburg as I am acclimatizing to the area, and out of nowhere on the freeway, timber from a truck landed straight onto my car.”

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Penny Ntuli in car accident-Image Source@Facebook

Despite the sudden danger, Ntuli managed to manoeuvre her vehicle skillfully, avoiding a more severe collision by steering onto the roadside and driving onto the grass verge. Reflecting on the incident, she emphasized her gratitude for emerging unharmed, stating, “Regardless of my actions, the car would have incurred damages anyway. But the most important thing is that no one was injured. As long as I am alive, I am immensely thankful.”

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Previous Controversy

Earlier in March, Penny Ntuli garnered attention when she disclosed her decision not to renew her contract with Gagasi FM, citing dissatisfaction with the offered salary of R2,800, an amount she claimed to have earned for two years at the Durban-based radio station. Subsequently, she accepted an offer from Jozi FM and was relocated to Johannesburg by her new employer.

However, her swift transition to Jozi FM stirred up whispers among some of her colleagues, who, preferring anonymity, accused the station manager of displaying favouritism towards her. These allegations were refuted by the station administration.

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